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I'm Shake (I'm known by this name since high school), born and raised in Penang, Malaysia. My ambition is to be the greatest inventor in the world. My dad died when he was 55 years old and my mom is the only one I have. I love my mom...and dad.

I started learning music when I was 10. My elder sisters like to practise their recorder lessons after school, but when they went out to play, I took the recorder and started to learn them by myself. Trial and error made me understand the different way of music learning. After listening to a lot of music, I fell in love with guitar playing and it really change my life. That was the time I realized that Beethoven, Mozart, and the rest are nothing but a group of people trying to measure music and succeded in many of their own ways to express their talents. I strongly believe that we can change the world, the way of doing things does not necessary has to be in the old ways.

My wife, Lynn, is a good singer in our 2-piece band. She can do numbers from Madonna, Carpenters, and a lot more. She's learning the internet technology, and I hope she'll gain a lot from it. We started this band since 1995. We were with a lot of hotel bands, and finally after I've learned the music composing, we formed the CRYSTAL BALL in January 1st, 1997.......


This is not all, more coming...

   The Crystal Ball